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05 April 2012

Day 5: Power

This is Day 5 in Ziva's "30 Days of Photographs II" non-contest. Click the link on her name for more details.

Please also visit the other contestants in our monthly photographic quest to "theme it out" for thirty days. My submission today is directly following the list of participants I'm going to give you now: MikeWJ, Nicky and Mike, Mo, Meleah, John, aka nonamedufus, Bryan, aka Unfinished Person, Malisa, Nora, LaughingMom, Tanya, Elizabeth A., 00dozo, Cheryl, Kristen, Pam and Katherine

My interpretation of "Power"...

Power, they say, is the ultimate aphrodisiac...and absolute power corrupts absolutely. But without money there isn't much power going around...so money is basically the magical power behind it all.

And what power you could have at your fingertips for just some risk taking with a few bucks. I, like millions of others, plunked down some cash for a taste of some power last week. I live in Alabama and there are no lotteries here...so when I went to Georgia to see a friend last week and the largest jackpot drawing in US history was also underway, I had to play. It had to be a good omen -- things like this hardly ever happen -- at least to me. Even the name of Georgia's lottery is the "Powerball" - and you can opt for including the "Powerplay" whatever that is. Either way, that's a lot of power that would come your way if you won. Correction: A lot of power that was going to be coming MY way.

I was going to do so many good deeds with that power, too. Plus it was going to totally empower me. Millions of dollars were going to give me the power to do nearly all the things I ever wanted to do...and stand up for myself for once...and be left standing. That power would be more intoxicating than the headiest of brandies...and I was going to be one happy drunk.

But, fate is fickle and even tho all that power was equally distributed to everyone who played BEFORE the lottery; afterwards all but three were left relatively powerless.

But, for those few days...I possessed almost as much "power" as J.K. Rowling. Eh...not bad for a mere Muggle.


  1. I think it's the lottery companies that took your money who hold the real power. Maybe next time, huh?

  2. Darnit - the image would have been better had they not hidden a portion of it behind the stupid right task bar.

    I guess I should have made it smaller.

  3. nonamedufus - Unfortunately Alabama does not have a lottery and I don't play the lottery very often. But it is fun to hope...hope to get the hell out of this state and various other hopes and dreams which would become realities. Yes, there is always next time. Each time that goes past...brings me closer to it, right? ;)

  4. Even with every kind of lottery known to mankind in available in NH, I didn't play. Did someone win?

    Pretty nifty interpretation of power.

  5. Very cool photo, magical in fact. I love the blue behind and the reflection.

  6. Don't worry about it being partially hidden. We still can click on the photo and get the full effect, which is...dare I say it...powerful? ;)

  7. This is a great photo, Mariann, and I love your take on the theme. Maybe I should start playing the lottery... ;)

  8. very cool interpretation of power!

  9. Thank you, everyone...and gosh I am indeed a bonehead -- I didn't realize you could click on the image to see the full image.

    Stupid me. Now I know why they say "knowledge is power". ;)

  10. Awesome interpretation. I was hoping for some of that "power" myself but came up with nothing in return for our dollars. It was a powerful moment in my head at least when I spent the winnings!

  11. Money is power, and anybody who says otherwse is lying. Not that anybody is saying that. Nobody. Dead silence. The radio is off.

  12. I love the photo. LOVE IT. And I dream of that power too.

    On an unrelated note - do you use livewriter to write your blog post? It gives you so much more freedom with your photos and placement than strait blogger.

  13. LaughingMom - I always have such high hopes when I play. I don't play often at all because there's no lottery in Alabama...but the times I have played I was so having fun spending that money. :)

    Mike - I hear you. ;)

    Kristen - I only do it on the blogger.com site. I've tried going over to whatever place it is that Mike posts his blog at - but I can't make heads nor tails about it. I really should save all these things as I've been blogging for a lot of years now - and if they disappear - that's it. Not like I'm the best writer in the world, but I'd hate to see all my stuff disappeared. Is livewriter what you use? Maybe you can walk me thru it one day? I'm really technologically stupid.

  14. Texas has it's own lottery that I played for years. The lottery passed this Bible belt state because the proceeds were to go to education. Never did. What a surprise. I love that feeling I get after buying a ticket. Dreams, dreams, dreams. That would be a great time to see goals for ourselves. Buy a lottery ticket and dream what you would do if you won. Then write those dreams down. Bam, you've got your life goals. Maybe I should shut up now. I like your interpretation of power.