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15 March 2014

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 - My Thoughts

Okay, I know I'm not that technologically advanced and all, but, in this day and age, you'd figure they have ways to implant certain technology (maybe hidden technology) into aircraft and big passenger conveyance-type vehicles...so, if they get lost, or crashed, or hijacked, or abducted by alien beings...we'd have some way of finding them.  At first I was thinking, "Okay...yeah...they 'lost' it...in other words, 'it crashed'.  They don't want to tell people it crashed until they get a visual verification.  They are being conscientious this time...no undue panic and hardship until proof is found.  No jumping the media gun...about time they think before they speak."
But...they can't find it at all?  No black/orange boxes chattering away?  No secret implanted code box they had installed without anyone's knowledge due to the 9/11 incidents?  No satellite surveillance enabled 24/7?  Nothing?
So, we are left pulling an "Amelia Earhart" on this one?  The technology she left the ground with, in 1937, is relatively the same as we have today?  I don't buy that.  I think someone knows something, only they aren't saying what it is.
This has conspiracy written all over it again - and, if you know anything about me...you know I love a good conspiracy theory -- but not at the expense of innocent lives.
Could be over one ocean...could be over another...could be over land...hell, we have absolutely no friggen clue.
Stolen passports, half-fueled planes, and possible suspicious pilots?  Yep, yep, and yep...it's all here, boys and girls!  Step right up!  Don't you want to know more?  Don't you want to get your money's worth?  Don't you want the suspense to last?
It's like they are just playing games with everyone.  Could be "Clue", "Risk", or even the real-world version of "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?" -- and we're all sitting here...waiting for someone to play their next move.  Hell, it could even be us!  We can all become detectives from our own sofas. They are calling for people to become "digital volunteers" to pore over satellite images - and to report anything we see which looks like wreckage.  Heaven help the people who field those 20 million emails an hour.
And that flip-flopping around with the conflicting reports of finding the plane and then not finding it -- and then finding it again and then...nope...we didn't find it after all...reminds me of the Donovan song, "There is a Mountain", only replace the word "mountain" with "airplane".
To me, the verse he ad-libs towards the end there (when no one is joining in) sums it up best of all -- as there is a problem.  There's also a big problem with this whole "missing" plane scenario - and if this isn't a wake-up call to everyone out there, I don't know what is.
This isn't "Hide and Seek"...we've all counted to 100 already...it's time we open up our eyes.  It's LIFE, people...and it's not a game.