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28 April 2012

Day 28: Outlier

I have to admit I am a total dolt. You see, I am probably the only one participating in this non-contest who had no clue what an "outlier" was. I knew I was in trouble when both my kids knew what it was - and knew how to pronounce it...I still want to pronounce it like you would "uglier"...and not "liar".

When I looked it up - I still had no clue - that's now clueless I was. All those years of doing "It Pays to Increase Your Word Power" in Reader's Digest...and the ONLY word they apparently left off - was this one. Then I had an idea: I'll do up a SCRABBLE game - and use up a bunch of words (or variants) which we've done here at Ziva's photofest. So, I did it - and I put OUTLIER off to the side, all by itself, but attached to another word. My kids came over and mocked me.

THEM: "It can't be connected...it's an outlier - it has to be separate."
ME: "It has to be connected...it's SCRABBLE...the words have to be connected."
THEM: "You just don't get it, do you?"
ME: "Apparently not...explain it to me again."
THEM: "For example - if you have a bunch of kids..."
ME: "Where am I going to get a bunch of kids? I have to make up something with the stuff IN my house."
THEM: "Ugh!"
ME: "Ugh!"

Then my son suggested I get the plastic pull tabs of all the orange juices and other juices that we've been saving up for the past year - saving for no reason whatsoever...altho someone started to put happy faces on them...and to put happy faces on all of them - except for one with an unhappy face drawn on instead...and that one shall remain far isolated from the others.

I thought that idea was stupid. I wanted to do my SCRABBLE one - I friggen put all the words in there without cheating one damn time.

So...I Google'd. Right on the first image page is a bunch of happy faces...except for one, which was off by itself, with an unhappy face on it. They looked remarkably similar to the juice pull tabs.

Now I don't know about you - but that's just plain bizarre. What are the odds, right? I mean, seriously, what do they have to be??

So...I'm going to be different in a way...I'm going to remain with my first idea...even if I did acquiesce (yeah, THAT word was in Reader's Digest) and not connect OUTLIER (which I still think is stupid as all get out). So, in a way, I'm being an outlier? Right?


Forget it - I still don't get it.

Day 28 -- Outlier:

Two items I must point out:  1) We did not have to remain in/around our house as part of the rules -- I did because I either took the photo or did the write-up after ingesting Ambien (it was my "experiment").  2) The word "pill" here refers only to me (see above).

Please don't forget to look at everyone else's photographs:


  1. I'm am so impressed that you chose to put outlier (a 7 letter word) on a triple word score. 71 points! Not too shabby.

    (Your kids really are a buzz kill, aren't they?)

  2. Ha, ha, the word toot brush is on your board. Great spot to use the blank tile. You made my day, you outlier, you.

    1. Um how come you couldn't spell Mo? That's an easy two-letter score to snatch up. Sure, "nonamedufus" is trickier but did you try that one too? ;)

  3. I love this entire post, you are hilarious and your kids are hilarious! And I totally love that I'm on your Scrabble board. Great job, Mariann, really. :)

    1. Of course you are on my board - you were the first word I made - your Z is where the STAR is in the middle of the board. :) And I had to put "toothbrush" on there. ;)

    2. Aww! And of course you had to put toothbrush on there, it wouldn't have been the same without it! ;)

  4. I will comment on everyone's when I get up later. My daughter, the math and sciense wiz - is competing at a university a couple hours away. She had to be at her school at 5:30 so they could get there by 8:00. She is very devoted (all of these things typically are held on Saturdays). So, off to sleep with me right now. :) I just wanted to see how the others looked. :)

  5. I love how every word is relevant to the past month of hell, and then there's outlier just lurking there in the corner. Brilliant!

  6. This was a fantastic idea! I LOVE it and your post leading up to the final outcome.

  7. Ha! This was too funny! I love your post. My mom was driving me crazy all week by mispronouncing the word too, much like you did (I hate when people do that, you know, when some will say "supposebly" instead of "supposedly" - GAH! It's enough to make you tear your hair out.) But I digress.

    But knowing that all Scrabble words should be connected, I laughed at the photo before I read your post. It's perfect.


    1. My son was telling me I was pronouncing it like "Lear" - "outlear" - I didn't think I was. Who knows. Dumb word.

      But yeah - I can't stand the supposebly thing, too.

  8. I think your ideas is brilliant...even though I still have no idea what the word means! :) What is wrong with kids these days? Who gives them the right to be so dang smart! Dang.

    1. I know! Both of them, too! I guess I'm just the outlier of the family or something.

      Still trying to grasp the meaning of this word.

      All I can say is that later on tonite I'm going to be the outlier with the tasty alcoholic beverage!

    2. You're not the Outlier of your family. You just didn't know what Outlier meant.

  9. Well I think you did a FABULOUS JOB - because I *still* have NO IDEA what that freakin word means. And yes I am leaving this comment on EVERYONE'S blogs! Ahahahahahahahha

  10. First, I think this is a great take on today's theme. Really funny.

    Second, you're kids are only partially correct. An Outlier is connected to a group in that it's part of the group in some way. It becomes an Outlier because it's outside the norm. So in this example, if you'd spelled a bunch of four-letter words, as I suspect you were tempted to do, and then attached a twenty-dollar word like Outlier, it would've been an Outlier.

    Or, to use Bryan's example, let's say you have 30 days of fairly nice weather. Sunny days, temperatures of 50F to 75F. Then on the 31st day, it snows. That day, statistically, is an Outlier.

  11. I don't see "Mike" anywhere on that board. I'm crushed.

  12. OUTLIER is also the least paying out seven letter word you can play on the Scrabble board. I'm sure there are others...but, since all the letter values are one point...it doesn't give you a lot of points.

    No one but Ziva has her name on this board - that's the way it was meant to be - it's HER contest even if you did come up with the two crappiest words. ;P

  13. Lol! This should be the official photo of the entire 30 Days! Great job, Mariann!