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08 February 2014

Day 8: Damn

To everyone who is using the Olympics as an agenda to gripe about something...
...shut your damn mouths!
These athletes have worked years to get this opportunity - and most of them...this will be their ONLY opportunity to be in an Olympic event.  They have no say whatsoever about where the event is held...nor how the host country's government works.  Their job is to come there and put their best effort on display...and hope it's good enough.  They seriously do not need to read all the mean comments online talking about "...if the athletes had any compassion, they would refuse to participate...blah blah...refuse..."  How about YOU have the compassion to realize they had nothing to do with the political issues...nor the dog issues...nor whatever other issues there are.  If you feel so strongly about an issue with certain things regarding these Olympics, write to the people who are in charge of it...don't make the athletes feel like they are lower than scum for participating.  That's so wrong...and, turn around and look at yourself in a mirror...guess what?  YOU are being a bully.
So, shut your damn mouths! 
I know every little girl is supposed to dream about being a princess...I always dreamt of winning an Olympic gold medal.
God, I love the Olympics.
And the Opening Ceremony was beautiful.  The most outstanding use of glow sticks I have ever seen in my entire life...and probably ever will see.  It was just so gorgeous.
Those of you complaining about the one snowflake not opening into a ring? 
Shut your damn mouths!
You try to pull off one of these "Opening Ceremony" things without something going wrong.  Seriously.  In fact, I bet some of you couldn't program your VCR clock to make it stop flashing "12:00" the entire time you owned it...yet you feel compelled to whine about the snowflake. Ugh.
And, lastly...to CNN sending me "Breaking News" emails without putting "Olympic Results" in the subject line...and to AOL's main screen telling me who just won a medal...and to any other news media sources who don't have the brains enough to realize they haven't aired the competition on television yet...so we might not want to know who won ahead of time...
Okay...I'm done now.  :
Happy Olympic viewing everyone!  :)


(This was my entry for today's "Damn" prompt. The rest of the participating writers can be found by clicking the "We Work For Cheese" link.  Enjoy!)  


  1. Yikes, I haven't griped about any of those things, and I still feel chided. Way to tell 'em, Mariann.

  2. Ziva - I was afraid to put this up thinking I'd be jumped on by some people from Facebook. It's terrible - many people are saying terrible things about Russia and how they don't like gay people and whatnot. I don't like politics and I don't believe it belongs in the games (I know it does - but I concentrate solely on the events). Plus, I don't know where these people have been, but the Olympics has always had its share of gay people competing...and winning medals. It's not about being gay, or being black, or white, or purple...it's about bringing all those countries together to compete and hand out medals to the best. I don't know why some people feel they have to make it seem like the athletes should not participate. I think that's so wrong...and it's not nice.

  3. It's about sports. It's sad that some people use the occasion to promote their own political agenda.

  4. Oh good, you posted a new blog entry. Now that we're here, I wanted to address a really serious issue. Erectile Dysfunction affects millions of men every day. There is something you can do about it. Call your doctor today and ask if Cialis is right for you.

    1. No but really, that was a genuine, certified Rant with a capital "R". Well done, Mariann. i have a soft spot for lively, humorous complaints, and you pushed all of my buttons today. I love this post.

  5. I feel the overwhelming urge to apologize even though I haven't done any of those things. I may have to make my kids read this. A few times.

  6. Hot DAMN, you tell'm!

    Oh, and Amen to all of it.

  7. I vow not to complain about anything on television until 30M2DoW is over. Because, let's face it... who has time to watch television? I'm too busy keeping Nicky at bay.

  8. You go, sistah! I'm right with you on this. I thought the opening ceremony was one of the best I've ever seen.

  9. This was wonderful wonderful wonderful. Darn I cannot believe I missed the opening ceremony... my mom told me it was unbelievable.

  10. Wow...thanks everyone! Like I said, I was afraid someone would jump on me for saying this. And I truly love the Olympics. I watch them every time they come on. I hope and pray nothing bad will happen to mar this one. The Olympics, I'm sure, have been a security nightmare since the Munich games...and every time they have a game...someone has to threaten terrorism. It's such a shame. It's already scary enough for these people to get out there in front of the world and do their best...but to have terrorism and a backlash of other things thrown at them...well, I hope everyone manages a clearn run, a great skate, and no injuries. I know that's impossible...but I always wish it.

  11. I keep forgetting I am catching up on these posts and such and forget these are from several days ago, hence the olympic chatter!

    I love the Olympics as well.