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Along with my daily duties as founder and head writer of HumorMeOnline.com, in 2003, I took the Grand Prize in the Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest (also known as the "It Was a Dark and Stormy Night" competition). I've also been a contributor to "The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson" and the web's "The Late Show with David Letterman". I also occupy my time writing three blogs, "Blogged Down at the Moment", "Brit Word of the Day" and "Production Numbers"...and my off-time is spent contemplating in an "on again/off again" fashion...my feable attempts at writing any one of a dozen books. I would love to write professionally one day...and by that I mean "actually get a paycheck".

21 February 2014

Day 21: Yes, I made that

I am not an artist, I don't do craft projects, and I can't even draw a stick figure with any accuracy...so you will never hear me utter the phrase "Yes, I made that."

At least not with any type of boasting; hanging my head in shame, maybe.
You don't believe me?  Look at this thing which I made a couple months ago...


Now go on over to "We Work for Cheese" and see what the other writers have come up with for the prompt today which is "Yes, I made that."

By the way, to those of you who have not seen me comment to your posts but wonder if I did.  I did.  I try to comment and most times it won't let me.  I don't know why.  I used to be able to post up at Mike's "Too Many Mornings" - but it won't let me anymore (and I had a cute one for today, too).  I tried commenting to Nathaniel's and Reforming Geek's (sorry - I'm forgetting a few others) and like two other people...and it just won't let me do it.  I've tried countless times...I swear. I don't know why.  It will even tell me most times that my comment has been accepted - but I don't see it there. So I just wanted to let you all know I've been reading them except I did miss a couple days because my innards feel like they are coming alive and I swear I can feel the food moving through them...and I'm afraid to Google because this will happen (I'm sorry...'yes, I made that' a couple months ago, too.):

Anyway, I've been meaning to say some things to blog posts which I've not been able - and now I've forgotten what they all were...but, the one today that I just read from Tami...the scene of the "Chaos Theory" from "Jurassic Park" - if Ellie is so smart and is a paleobotanist, she sure as hell should know what Ian's talking about...especially that "butterfly wings" thing.  My cats even know about that - and they're cats!  I always hated that scene.  It's stupid.  I love the film, btw...but she sure as hell should have known.

Okay...I'm done now.  :)


  1. You should have saved that second drawing for the last day!

  2. That was before I did a Bitstrips. I swore I'd never do Bitstrips and then I got one that someone made for me (I would have made a much uglier me)...and it was the day before the "Doctor Who" special and I made all these Doctor Who Bitstrips. Then I started doing one a day - until I stopped a few weeks ago. These were my version of them.

    And...I haven't read all the prompts. I just read right before I do them. Is "Googling Web MD" or "Exploding Head" the last one?? ROFL Or just "Bad Stick Figure Drawings"?

  3. Oh, I just updated this blog - I realized I didn't even complete my thought. I do read all the blogs when I go in and read them...it's just that, for some reason, it won't register my comments. I look and they aren't there. I even submit them twice - but I still don't see them there. And one...it wants me to create a whole new Google account and I have a Google account - but apparently it doesn't acknowledge it.

  4. I think your cartoons are cute!

    I do have a comment from you on 2/16 at a little after midnight and there was one on 2/14 at 11:35 am. The comment on 2/16 is last one I have. I have had issues in the past leaving comments using blogger when I thought I was posting the comment but it wasn't posting. The screen was returning to prompt me to log in. Oops. Just something to check.

  5. Well, it wouldn't let me this time. I tried like two times. I've gotten good copying my comment before I send as I know it will not work the first time. But, I don't think it worked today (the ones I read today were yesterday's) as I was the first one up - there were none to read. I read later so they will have all been posted by then. So, at least some are going through. Not all, tho.

  6. I think you need to join Google + for comments to post.

    Course Jurassic Park stretched all limits of believability.

  7. Yeah - they do ask for that - but I have regular Google. Why can't I use that? I'm so confused.

  8. Wow, you truly are bad at drawing. So bad, it almost completes the circle and becomes good again. Almost.

  9. We share the same level of artistic talent. Sheesh!

  10. Yup, sign me up for the No Artistic Talent club, too. Take comfort in knowing you are not alone.

  11. I'm glad I'm not the only one with no talent. :)

  12. Those cartoon strips are charming. I really wonder what's going on with your commenting troubles. I know WordPress has a weird bug which improperly prompts people to sign into WP even when that setting has been turned off. I wonder why it affects people like you more often than it does other people.