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25 February 2014

Day 25: Social Media

(Tara Lipinksi and Johnny Weir - 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Figure Skating Commentators)

The whole time I'm watching the Olympics...and it was a LONG time I watched it (on two different channels - nite and day)...I'm thinking "Sochi Olympics" + "Social Media" = "Sochial Media" - but they never once said it.
They said their little Twitters were trending...going on and on about what Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski were wearing when they gave their Figure Skating reports...but not ONE time did I hear them utter "Sochial Media".
Seriously...what the hell was wrong with them? 
Anyway...the Olympics are over and damn...damn...they put on a great Closing Ceremony show...and they even poked fun of themselves with the last Olympic ring not opening (technical issue at the Opening Ceremony...the fifth ring never "blossomed" into a ring like the others).  I loved it!  The giant life-like Teddy-Ruxpinesque bear was...it was...I don't know.  How did they make it move like that?  I swear it was like they had a giant guy in a bear costume.  I'm bowled over.  I don't know who thinks of these spectacular sets and choreography and whatnot...but I do know one thing...
...they didn't think of "Sochial Media"!
Grumble grumble...
...but I have to admit - Tara and Johnny...you guys rocked! (I'm sure they are reading this blog right now...that's why I addressed them here.)  Loved his clothes.  Loved...loved...loved every single outfit. And they were both soooooo fun together...such natural chemistry. I hope they ditch Scott Hamilton and whoever that other guy was - next time around.  In fact, I hope they pair them up in every single Olympics...everything...everything. I don't care if it's diving or gymnastics...curling or bobsled...Summer or Winter games.  Get rid of everyone else and hire these two for every single thing!  They were great!  Plus they shut up when the skaters danced.  They knew better.  My ears are still ringing from Scott Hamilton's banshee-like screeches -- with his yelling at the top of his lungs over the music...and I have tinnitus!  He makes Sam Kinison's voice sound melodic in comparison.  Make it stop!  Make it stop! Please God, please...make it stop!  (Yes, God is reading my blog, too.)
Whew!  I am done now with my little rant.

Now...go on over to "We Work for Cheese" and see what everyone else came up with for today's "Social Media" prompt.


  1. It is good they didn't talk all over the performance. It is like a dj talking over the music. I loved how those two coordinated clothes. Does that make me shallow?

  2. Were we watching the same Olympics? I must have been on another channel the whole time.

  3. We didn't watch the American coverage which I understand was less fulsome than the Canadian wall-to-wall coverage and which I also understand spent a lot of time focussing on Bob Costa's eye problem, so I don't know who Johnny Weir is. I presume he's a former skater or a famous cross-dresser. But I loved your term sochial media and you had me laughing over your Hamilton/Kinison comparison.

  4. Haha! Good one. Sochial Media. Wow. I can't believe they missed it.

    Bob Costa had an eye problem?

    Kidding. I don't remember hearing much about it, just a few bits here and there.

    I loved that bear in the closing ceremony.

  5. Yes, Johnny Weir is a former skater...he never won a medal in the Olympics but he came damned close. Tara Lipinski won a gold medal in the 1998 games.

    Actually, what made me think of Kinison is an American curler, John Shuster...who sounded EXACTLY like Kinison when he was yelling directions to the two broomers. He really did...I swear.

    I'm still amazed by the bear. I mean, sure, I understand it can stand there, roll around, and move it's arms...but the arms bent - like someone was IN the suit. Not all stiff like you'd figure a 50 foot mechanical bear would. I swear they had people in the arms who made them bend by bending at the waist. I have no clue how they did it. And how did they make the blue tear? Was it real liquid or was it some projection tear? It made a little trickle line on the face, too. And the bear wasn't scary like you'd figure a giant mechanical bear would be with clunky movement. It was like a nice fluid movement. I'm still baffled.

  6. I completely missed the olympics this time around. Actually no. I caught the opening ceremonies + the faulty ring. Sochial Media. Good one. It should have become a thing.

  7. Sochial Media.... they were fools not to pick up on that!