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20 February 2014

Day 20: Chaos

(I got these a few weeks ago as my porch lights went out about a month ago...they will be burning tonite.) 

Well, I'm sitting here holding back tears.  I just spent the last few minutes reading posts written by a truly evil person on a Facebook post my friend was following and sharing.  It's called "Porch Lights for Hailey Owens". 
Ten-year-old Hailey, if you don't know, was kidnapped the other day in broad daylight by an evil person (I'm not going to refer to him as a "man" nor even use his name) who worked in the school district as a teacher's aide and coach...who subsequently killed her.  People had seen him take her and actually ran after him on foot and followed him with their car...they called the police with a detailed description of him and his car, plates and all, and - well, by the time the police arrived (I cried too much earlier in the evening to read further in the story) it was too late.
This Facebook post calls for everyone to keep their porch lights on for her...as a symbolic gesture...in her memory.  It's not asking for anything above and beyond what someone can easily do. 
So, what happens?  A person, hell-bent on pissing people off, no other reason than to get people upset, to throw chaos into a post which most everyone is saying things like "Oh, that's horrible - I will pray for her and her family." and "She is with God now...know that she's in a better place." - decides it would be "fun" (there's no other reason I can see) to say mean horrible things about how God didn't help her and whatnot...but really, really mean.  And they were going on about how they'd normally turn their porch lights on and how people will now think they believe in God now if they do.  These comments must have numbered in several dozens...and I stopped reading comments altogether because their "wicked game" was not funny.
You know what?  I don't care if you believe in God...or you are an atheist...if you never pray or if you pray 27 times a day...I can never understand the mean-spiritedness of a person who takes to the Internet saying things knowing full well they have the anonymity factor behind them.  
I honestly never will. 
These people are truly evil.  I am not at all accusing them of being atheist - or being anything...other than evil.  Even if they are hard-working people who follow the letter of the law...these people are evil.  And, I don't know if there is a Hell...but I certainly hope they burn in it.
Sorry...I don't usually wish horrible things on people...but some people do deserve it.
The story is here, which, if you'd like, links you to the Facebook page (at which I advise you not to read any comments):  Porch Lights for Hailey Owens

My blog today is dedicated to the memory of Hailey Owens and for all the other children who have been abducted and lived to tell about it - and to those who did not.

The prompt today was "Chaos" at "We Work for Cheese". 



  1. Well said. My heart goes out to the Owens family and their loss of a blessed child.

  2. "Even if they are hard-working people who follow the letter of the law...these people are evil. And, I don't know if there is a Hell...but I certainly hope they burn in it."

    These people may be mean-spirited or insensitive to others' feelings for saying what they believe to be superstitious or simply feel-good behavior on the part of sympathizers, but they are not evil. Evil is the person who committed the crime. If you think that punishment for those who make such comments should be eternal damnation and torment, then you're no better than they.

  3. It certainly was done to be evil. It was mean and they said it to each person who said anything asking them to stop as well. They were evil. No nice person, no caring person, no one who is a kind person would not say these things, regardless of their religious belief. They were saying a bunch ot truly vile things. I hope their comments are gone now They only came on there to make people upset. They were saying horrible things about the little girl as well. I'd definitely call that evil. I was crying because those comments were so vile.

  4. That's tragic. The comments you mention even more so.The story here should be about Hailey not the comments of self-centred idiots who seem bent on destroying her memory..

  5. You're wrong in my opinion. The person who committed the crime is evil. The people who made the comments disparaging religious beliefs and other actions aren't even in the same league. I'm sure some are trolls just wanting to stir the pot for reactions and others are just stating their own beliefs however insensitive they may be. Their speech caused no harm only hurtful feelings. When it comes to religion and politics, tempers run high and accusations abound equating those who disagree with their opinions as work of the devil. That doesn't make those accusations true. Don't equate the two then demand equal punishment.

  6. It was just that they didn't believe in God - they were also mean comments about the girl. This was one person who was just saying the meanest horrible things they could say all the way around. Not just about God. It was along the lines that it's good the girl is dead now, too. But more horrible. That's as far as I'm going into it - but, those people are evil. People who say these things when a person dies, especially this way...are evil. This has nothing to do with believing in God - it's about being a good or evil person. For all everyone knows - this person thinks what the guy did is good and should be done again. He certainly made no statements that I saw which were "Yeah, it's sad she was killed." - just bad things I don't even want to repeat.

  7. Ugh - I mean it wasn't just that they said they didn't believe in God...it was the other horrible comments as well. Things like she deserved it. Mean things like that and worse.

  8. Those are trolls just trying to elicit strong reactions to which you and others seem only happy to respond. One of the rules on the web is: Don't Feed The Trolls! Use logic rather than base emotion. And stop equating murder with making stupid comments.

  9. Peace and blessings to this family in pain.

    Some people just want to get attention and create drama. The best we can do is to not get caught up in it.

  10. Interesting that there is an Anonymous "Devil's Advocate" commenting on a post about Chaos. The world (especially The Internet) is a weird place.

    I've never understood, either, why people think that being able to be anonymous on the internet gives them carte blanche to be unpleasant. *sigh*

  11. I hate news stories where someone is hurt and then haters post... hiding behind their computers. They are chickens... idiots... inhuman!

  12. It's sad to think that even the worst of tragedies aren't always enough to silence the trolls.