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13 February 2013

The Best Intended Intentions Are Sometimes Unintended

I was all set to write the next great American novel.  I would rather have had me write it in London or Paris...or even upstate Vermont...but since I'm in Alabama...I figured I could make it work for me.

It was going to be kinda like "Of Mice and Men" - but there would have been two differently named guys...and I wouldn't have had rabbits in it anywhere.  I guess, when you think about it, it wouldn't have been much like "Of Mice and Men" except maybe I'd get John Malkovich and Gary Sinese to play the title roles.  I think it would be easier getting them to play the title roles than it would be for Burgess Meredith and Lon Chaney, Jr., to reprise their 1939 roles...as they are both dead.

But then my daughter had to go and win the National Merit Scholarship Finalist last week and they erected a sign at her school yesterday to announce the fact to passersby...because it's a good sign (ha - I made a funny - totally unintended, mind you) that her school has two Merit Finalists going to it...when there were only 18 total Semi-finalists in Montgomery alone.  No word yet that I've heard or read on how many of those eighteen made Finalist...but she is one of them.

So, here's the sign...I didn't take the photo because, if I did, it would have been framed better...wouldn't have been a puddle of rain on the grass, and possibly would had some random Italian guy in it.  ;)

Anyway...this is my roundabout way of congratulating my daughter publicly...but in a semi-private way as only three people typically read my blog.  

I am exceedingly proud of her.

This just showed up in the paper...so I'll pass it along...this was also  a total unintended happy thing:   Merit Finalists

Today's prompt, "Unintended", was brought to you by the fine folks at "We Work for Cheese".  Go over there and read all the blogs from other fine folks who are participating in this world-wide event.  Go on...go ahead...everyone's waiting.


  1. Let's hear it for Giselle. Way to go Mom. Congratulations. Gee, I'm among select company if I'm one of your three readers.

    1. Yes, you are indeed - and I one of your readers (but you probably have more). I just didn't read any yesterday because of my migraine and I'm off to sleep now. You will be getting comments, tho. (Just to warn you.)

      I think this blog was the fastest I've done - I must have done in it 10 minutes, if that. And, ironically, it turned out totally different than I had...intended. I found that part silly because I honestly did not have it set up like that at all - it was a whole different set-up. The things your brain does when you're not keeping an eye on it. ;) I'm sure yours does those things, too. :)

  2. She's a very good and smart person. I do kinda love her a bunch. :)

  3. Hey Mariann! This is great news, congratulations to your daughter. And you! I reckon you did pretty good too ;) Indigo

  4. This is such awesome news! Congrats to both you & your daughter!!!! :)

  5. Congratulations to you and your daughter! That is a great accomplishment!

  6. I congratulated Giselle a few days ago on your FB page. However, I think Giselle deserves a bigger sign. I posted it on your FB page.

  7. *Woo hoo* that accomplishment deserves its own blog post. Congrats!~

  8. Congratulations to your daughter on her academic accomplishments.

  9. Oh, this is amazing, congratulations to Giselle!!

    Now Mariann, you better get started on that novel. ;)

  10. First, congratulations to Giselle, and to you for helping her achieve this accomplishment.

    Second, I think Giselle is a really cool name. Just wanted to put that out there.

  11. CONGRATULATIONS! Great great great job! WOO HOO!

  12. I'd say there's well more than three people reading today's post. Let me be the...10th(?) person to congratulate Giselle. That's truly a great achievement.

    All I have left to say is, thank God I'm not a child growing up in today's world. It would be way too surreal if my mother ran a blog and bragged about me to all of her internet friends.

  13. I don't brag about her too much. I also asked her first. :)

    And, thank you to everyone who commented. That was awfully kind of you...and my daughter reminded me to thank you all. :)

  14. Congrats to your daughter! That's awesome!

  15. I am so happy and so proud of your daughter!!

    Totally amazeballs!