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Along with my daily duties as founder and head writer of HumorMeOnline.com, in 2003, I took the Grand Prize in the Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest (also known as the "It Was a Dark and Stormy Night" competition). I've also been a contributor to "The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson" and the web's "The Late Show with David Letterman". I also occupy my time writing three blogs, "Blogged Down at the Moment", "Brit Word of the Day" and "Production Numbers"...and my off-time is spent contemplating in an "on again/off again" fashion...my feable attempts at writing any one of a dozen books. I would love to write professionally one day...and by that I mean "actually get a paycheck".

21 February 2013

I Slipped Up

I was going to make a terrific blog (again) about Cinderella trying desperately to find the other shoe at a clearance sale (get it - clear - glass slipper) at Neiman's - while her prince of a fiance sat slouched over for what seemed like forever... 

...after considering the fact I have less than ten minutes...I'll have to pass.

(Notice I also did the "ever after" remark.)

Oh...forget it - there's never a happy ending anyway...the prince and her broke up at the end.

(Okay...there's gotta be five bad puns there...dealing with a shoe fairy tale...give me some credit.)


  1. Blog short. Why for? You talk. Too much.

  2. You're funny, Mariann, and almost as punny as Dufus today. ;)

  3. Good grief, the puns! THE PUUUUNS! ;) x

  4. Yes, the puns - I can only apologize, I can't take them back. ;)

    1. It's like Pandora' Box; once open, it can never be closed. P.S. Dufus is delighted.