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03 July 2010

Theories About Doctors and Spies

Well, here I will sit all weekend long watching my "Doctor Who" DVDs I rented from Netflix...I also have seven hours and five minutes of "Doctor Who" shows I TiVo'd as BBC America had the good sense about them to have had a marathon last week (some tonite as well)...unlike a certain SyFy channel who couldn't bother to continue with their great tradition of back-to-back "Twilight Zone" episodes for days on end.

I asked my son to come out of his room last nite to talk about what to have for our 4th of July dinner. I'm not too sure if I will grill anything and Alex doesn't want to be bothered with the grilling chore at all; as manly a task as they lead you to believe it is. My daughter's been wanting me to make Beignets, so I guess at one point that will happen...I've only put off making them enough times that my Cafe Du Monde mix is now out of date...but since it's just basically flour and yeast...I'm willing to bet the yeast doesn't know if it's May 30th or July 3rd. Yes, I'm crazy that way...stand back...I'm a risk taker for sure.

So, because "Doctor Who" was playing, my son opted to sit down as well and, after watching the David Tennant "Doctor Who" episodes for a bit, he concluded Tennant was indeed better than the new one...altho the new one isn't bad. Mr daughter is a Tennant girl as well.

My thoughts? I'm still a Tom Baker Doctor kinda girl...and therein lies my theory.

My theory is that you like the Doctor you grew up with. Just as with James Bond...most people will tend to tell you the one they liked the best...was the one they grew up with. I liked the nice campy Bond of the 1970s...yes, don't start throwing rocks at me just yet; I can't help it, I like Roger Moore. I never thought Sean Connery was sexy until he was much older. Pierce Brosnan is hot...and the new Bond, Daniel Craig - eh...he reminds me of a much older Jason Bourne.

But back to The Doctors...I grew up with the toothy, maniacal, long-scarfed Tom Baker who elevated the show when he took it from the original droll military episodes each week and morphed the regimentation of the weekly array of Colonels and upper crust "old chaps" into something else entirely: being silly and fighting a whole different type of monster. When Baker left, a series of other doctors came and went...hardly catching a moment's glimpse of my attention until David Tennant.

David is THE best Doctor to have come along in ages. And now, his reign is no more and his replacement is this little wisp of a bow-tied man-child as the displaced Gallifreyan Time Lord. In fact Matt Smith is indeed the youngest Doctor they ever had. Matt had some big shoes to fill, but he seems to be filling them and running in them extremely well. The only issue I have is with his companion. While Amy Pool is awfully cute and makes nice eye candy for the gents...the show is being "Always About Amy" or "The Amy Show" and I don't like that. She should NOT be the most sought after possession in the whole universe. Time to give more air-time to the Doctor in my opinion. He is, after all...The Doctor.

And then it got me thinking last nite watching one of the David Tennant vs The Master (oh, how I love John Simm as The Master) episodes....that secondly to Bond's, "Bond, James Bond" phrase...announcing that you are "The Doctor" holds about...or dare I say perhaps more, distinction.

So, those of you who are familiar with both shows..."James Bond" and "Doctor Who"...who would you rather be? A time lord who saves the world or a spy babe magnet, who also, ironically, saves the world?

And which "Bond" and which "Doctor Who" do you like best? How about "Doctor Who Companions" vs "Bond Girls" for that matter...which one will always hold a fond place...in your...heart?


  1. Although Sean Connery was "my" James Bond and INCREDIBLY sexy then, now, and forever, Bond is a bore compared with the Doctor. But then I'm a sci fi gal born and raised. David Tennant is "my" Doctor. Matt Smith is cute enough and started to find his feet at the end of series 5. He'll probably be fantastic in series 6. Karen Gillan can't act. She's the center of the show and she's just a paper doll. So none of the emotional stuff makes sense. I'm sorry, she wouldn't kill herself because Rory was dead. No, she isn't crying on the inside when Vincent thinks she is. No Rory wouldn't stand by her for a thousand years -- their relationship is one of bossy and obnoxious older sister and annoying but cowed little brother. The only thing that makes sense about that whole scene is that he shoots her with his hand, like a little brother pointing a finger and saying "pow" when he just can't stand it any more. Not that it's played that way, but that way would make way more sense. The show is different. It's Doctor Who Lite, and deliberately so. Steven Moffat said he'd have succeeded if older people were tearily asking "What Happened to my show" and 11 year olds were punching the air with delight. Mission accomplished. People said David Tennant should have stayed another year so that Steven Moffat could write for him. No, RTD should have stayed another year to get Matt Smith off to a good start.

  2. Sean Connery will always be the "real" Bond.

  3. I'd like to be Bond, but only if that means I'm also Sean Connery or the new guy, Daniel Craig. Connery was the stud.

  4. I like Sean now - I never thought he was sexy back then.

  5. That's all well & good; but what I wanna know is, was anyone else as confused & annoyed by the change from SciFi to SYFY??? OR am I just that big a dweeb?


  6. I think everyone I ever talked to about that wonders. No one knows why someone would do that. Perhaps Sci-Fi.com was taken and the people who owned it held out for too much money. Who knows.

    I think it's stupid.