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Along with my daily duties as founder and head writer of HumorMeOnline.com, in 2003, I took the Grand Prize in the Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest (also known as the "It Was a Dark and Stormy Night" competition). I've also been a contributor to "The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson" and the web's "The Late Show with David Letterman". I also occupy my time writing three blogs, "Blogged Down at the Moment", "Brit Word of the Day" and "Production Numbers"...and my off-time is spent contemplating in an "on again/off again" fashion...my feable attempts at writing any one of a dozen books. I would love to write professionally one day...and by that I mean "actually get a paycheck".

05 July 2010

...and now for something completely different...

There was some "stuff" going on at the Montgomery Advertiser's blog site which got quite a few people misquoted and misinterpreted and such...so that's why I wrote this blog. Just ignore the first part and skip to the "question" part. I'd love to see what everyone out there answers to these two questions as well. :)

I thought it would be fun to head away from the "blogger" inspired blogs saying who did what and who didn't do what and who said something they didn't at all mean that way...to find out more about our fellow bloggers here on the paper.

Of course, no one has to read this or comment/participate...but I think it would be fun if we knew something about each of you other than the bios that are up there and the comments that you make.

So...I thought a couple questions might shed some insight about what makes each of us tick...and might make us realize we have something in common other than blogging.

What are some of your favourite movies and why? (Like which ones you could watch over and over and over again and not grow tired of doing so.)


What are some of the sites you look at routinely? (Dare I say it...just copy/paste the url of each one...and tell us why you like it.)

I'll go first. :)

Some Like It Hot: Hands down THE best comedy ever in my opinion. I can watch that thing 20 million times (and I probably have) and I STILL see or hear something I missed. It also never fails to make me laugh at all the places it's supposed to make you laugh. I absolutely love this film.

My Fair Lady: Okay, Audrey Hepburn's voice was dubbed by Marni Nixon...but no one could have been as "loverly" an Eliza than her. Love her...love Rex Harrison...love Colonel Pickering...love the entire score - and I DON'T LIKE MUSICALS! That's how much I LOVE this film.

The Shawshank Redemption: It took me about 10 years after this film was made to watch it. Why? I don't know why. If I had to write a film and be known by it - and only one film...it would have been this one. Great...superb writing.

V for Vendetta: See above...only it was about four years before I watched it. Plus the V character ended up doing what I refer to as a "reverse Charlie Chaplin". While wearing a mask and only using his voice - he conveyed more expression than I've ever seen. Chaplin did it the other way around...and was also a genius.

The Fifth Element: Best sci-fi movie ever. I love this film. I love Bruce...I love Gary Oldman...I love the ride. It's a fun movie. Not one boring part.

Idiocracy: Another movie that took me years to see even tho my friend kept telling me how great it was. But he liked that Garfield movie - so I never listened...until he told me it was by the same people who did Beavis and Butthead...then I watched it. It's FABULOUS. I don't think a day has gone by where I don't quote something from this movie. It's also so incredibly...um...prescient. Too much so.

Dinner at Eight: I love old films...if you've not seen this one or The Philadelphia Story or My Man Godfrey...rent them. They don't make them like this anymore...sigh.

Anything with Cary Grant in it.

Okay...URLs I go to:

My comedy website:
http://www.HumorMeOnline.com - it's funny. Some of the best people in the world - yes world play my site. They are so incredibly witty - let's see YOU top them. :)

http://www.IMDb.com - The Internet Movie Database. I love this site - I am a trivia buff and movie trivia is something I have always gravitated towards. Hands down the best - I can get lost in there clicking and clicking and clicking.

http://www.Epicurious.com - The best cooking/recipe site out there. None even remotely come close...I don't know why others even try. And I love to cook - so this is the place for me.

I didn't want to post anything bloggy - but my friend, Chris...honestly is the best blogger in the universe. If I could write like him...well, judge for yourselves:

There are others out there - but those are the ones I pretty much go to on a daily basis.

How about everyone else?


  1. I enjoyed reading that stuff about you. I really like V for Vendetta and Idiocracy, too. Favorite movies...

    The Matrix Trilogy--I freaking LOVE these movies. I didn't see them until about three years until they came out, then I watched all three in one day and absolutely fell in love. The plot and visuals and acting are just so amazing.

    Legally Blonde--Probably one of my most favorite comedies. I remember there was one summer where I probably watched this at least five times a week. I was like a kid, I swear. But I just love it.

    Moulin Rouge--This movie's a visual feast. And I just adore Ewan Macgregor and his amazing voice.

    Labyrinth--I fell in love with this movie as a child and still really enjoy watching it. David Bowie is SO hot in it and I love the music.

    I could name more but I don't want my comment to be too long. As far as websites, just the basic ones.

  2. Movies?

    Mr. Smith Goes To Washington


    Blazing Saddles

    The Hustler

    On The Waterfront

    Almost anything by a comedy team, and most especially slapstick - Three Stooges, Marx Brothers, Laurel & Hardy, Wheeler & Woolsey, etc.

    For sites I visit over and over, I could give you my entire sidebar, but that would certainly be unwieldy!

  3. I totally agree with you about The Shawshank Redemption. And it's funny you should mention V is for Vendetta. I was just reading about it last night, and I always wanted to see it, but never have. I'm also a huge fan of The Fifth Element, which wasn't a hit, probably because the general public's made up of idiots.

    Knuck is great, too, even though it hurts to admit it for some reason. Jealousy is so unpleasant.

  4. I'll take these one at a time. :)

    SD: "Legally Blonde" I've never seen. I always thought it was a remake of "Born Yesterday". I think I'm wrong on that...so next time it's on one of the HBO's or the others, I'll actually WATCH it. :)

    "Moulin Rouge" - For some reason I have no interest to watch it - so I haven't. I'm not really a "musical" film person. Other than "My Fair Lady" I really don't like them.

    "Labyrinth" I saw years and years ago - and that Hobbitty like guy was left on an airport and never claimed...so he's at the "Unclaimed Baggage Center" in Scottsboro, Alabama. I've seen it. It's really icky. I wouldn't have claimed it, either. ;)

  5. Suldog - "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" is a great film. Can't disagree with your pick at all there.

    I LOVE Braveheart! Even when everyone was hating Mel Gibson - I STILL would tell everyone how great that film is. Believe it or not there were a bunch of people who decided all Mel's films were nothing but crap AFTER "the incident". Oh, well. I saw it beforehand and after...guess what? Still was a great film!

    This is where everyone turns against me - I'm not a Mel Brooks fan. Yeah, yeah...I know.

    I haven't really watched "The Hustler" and I am not a Marlon fan...so I've kinds never seen "On the Waterfront"...but I hear it's good. ;)

  6. Mike - Oh, you must watch "V for Vendetta". It's very good.

    It's strange that there's been a few people tell me how much they liked "The Fifth Element" - it was one of those very glanced over films that deserves so much more credit.

    Yeah...I would usually start my comments to any of Chris's blogs like this: "Dammit, Chris, it's better than my blog again!"

    I have since gotten over it - but I still THINK it. ;)

  7. Mariann, you and Mike are just embarrassing me here, but thanks. I appreciate the kindness.

    Anyway, movies.

    I'm with you on Shawshank. Rounding out my top ten would be The Godfather, Rocky, Seven, When Harry Met Sally, Remember the Titans, Goodfellas, The Dark Knight (mostly for Heath Ledger's performance), Planes Trains and Automobiles, and Miracle.

    Websites (excluding blogs because there are so many good ones out there):

    ESPN.com (I'm a sports freak)

    Great survey, Mariann!

  8. My Man Godfrey - LOVE the chemistry between Carole Lombard and the ever-so-dignified-and-SEXY William Powell!

    The Cowboys - LOVE seeing all the kids learn to be cowboys and knowing they're all grown men now. Not to mention the score which always makes me cry.

    The Bad Seed - Patty McCormack makes McCauley Culkin's Good soon and the girl from Orphan look like amatuers. LOL. Love the last scene on the pier and the finalfinalfinal ending.

    The Children's Hour _ Oooooh, there's nothing like evil kids! And tasty young James Garner, too.

    Murphy's Romance _ Tasty older James Garner, mmmmm.

    Mr. Roberts _ James Cagney hilarity and a bonus of yummy older William Powell.

    Magnificent Seven _ Seriously? Yul Brenner, robert Vaughn, James Coburn, Steve McQueen, Charles Bronson and cutie Horst Bucholz (also see fanny for more of him!)

    Anything "Flint" - James Coburn channeling Austin Powers.

    Murderer's Row _ Dean Martin channeling Austin Powers.

    Anything Jerry Lewis _ Ok, it's a sickness, but post-Dean, pinky ring wearing older Jerry gets me hot & bothered (see the original Nutty Professor where he does Buddy Love and gives Andrew "Dice" Clay a career character!)

    And Then There Were None (also see 10 Little Indians)- You'll recognize this stolen plot in just about every newer horror movie.

    Anything "Barbara Steele" - That chick scared the crap outta me as a kid in Castle of Blood!


  9. Movies:
    Tremors-love this movie-have watched it soooo many times (forget the next 3 Tremors, they barely make a 1 on the scale)

    Gosford Park: I love the movie but really enjoy the commentary-in fact, I go to sleep with the commentary on normally (and yes I meant to say I use it as a sleep tool)

  10. Movies:

    My number one all time fave could watch several times a day:

    Other than that it varies given any day & my mood. Most obvious, Princess Bride, Labyrinth, 300, I like DOOM not because it was a great movie (it wasn't) but I Love things being blown up, Karl Urban & Dwayne Johnson. :) Likewise The 5th Element & Resident Evil (all of them) because of Milla Jovovich.

    Websites, Myspace, Facebook, AntsinmyPants, Here, & on occasion Twitter. Anything else varies given my mood & what people link to me... Break.com, YouTube, WoWArmory...

    Debbie (aka DebE. Derby MoannaMonster :) )