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01 April 2015

Cadbury Creme Peeps

Reuters: Cadbury Chocolates has teamed with Peeps, the marshmallow confectionery company best known for its Easter chick and bunny treats, to make a chocolate covered Peep which has a runny creme "egg" center.

The British chocolatier, which outraged U.S. fans from coast to coast,, was recently bought out by Kraft from Hershey's, which promptly changed the recipe to one of a less "desired" consistency...removing the fat content, and all the flavour.  The U.S. public was "not amused" by this and the ban of importing the British version was met with harsh disapproval.

But now it all seems that this is water under the bridge, or across the pond, as the case may be, and the British Cadbury company has, for a limited time only, been allowed to sell the prohibited pieces which have been fetching a cost-prohibitive amount as soon as they hit the shelves.

"We've not seen anything like this." Terrence Howard of Cadbury U.K. has stated, "It's like someone invented a Cadbury 'Cabbage Patch Elmo' . I've seen the 6-packs of them being sold at online auction sites for well over £ 25 each (that's $37.00 in U.S. dollars) and the demand just keeps increasing." 

So, check your Easter baskets, as the bunny which hid those eggs, might have laid some golden ones inside instead.


  1. I want some ! Kenny .

  2. Kraft have ruined a once beloved chocolate treat. I have not eaten one cream egg this year, I saw the face of others while eating them and that has put me off. RIP to a once beloved easter treat :(


  3. I'm terribly saddened to hear of this. Cadbury eggs are one of the true delights of Spring. Now I suppose I'll have to make do with biting the ears off of chocolate bunnies, while concurrently spooning some marshmallow fluff into my mouth and then snorting a 50/50 mix of vanilla extract and ground circus peanuts. Not that I haven't done so before, of course, but it's so much moire time consuming.

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