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Along with my daily duties as founder and head writer of HumorMeOnline.com, in 2003, I took the Grand Prize in the Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest (also known as the "It Was a Dark and Stormy Night" competition). I've also been a contributor to "The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson" and the web's "The Late Show with David Letterman". I also occupy my time writing three blogs, "Blogged Down at the Moment", "Brit Word of the Day" and "Production Numbers"...and my off-time is spent contemplating in an "on again/off again" fashion...my feable attempts at writing any one of a dozen books. I would love to write professionally one day...and by that I mean "actually get a paycheck".

14 April 2011

Scaling Literary Heights and Other Fairy Stories

My totally elegant Soehnle scale.

I just weighed myself and I gained weight. I know I did as I have a swanky scale from one of those Norwegian, Swiss, Swedish or other such Norse-type land where they're typically renown for growing beautiful, lithe women whose skin glows with the dewy innocence of one of those ethereal fairies in that "faked fairy photographs" hoax perpetrated by two little English girls. Those sweet little "innocent" girls, along with the "prim and proper" British doctor who snapped the infamous, but equally fabricated, Loch Ness Monster photograph...admitted years afterwards they duped unsuspecting people whose only fault in life was hoping too much for magical, wondrous things.

Whilst innocence lost is a sad, sad thing...weight loss is another thing altogether.

Anyway, my nifty scale lets me know how much I weigh, how much body fat I have, how much water's in my feet (I guess - as that's the only part that goes ON the scale), and how much muscle I have. It does this all in a couple minutes...going to a doctor to ascertain all this would take hours...and then you'd have to wait for the test results they never tell you about unless they were bad...or they forgot...or they said they called but they didn't as you have caller ID and you know damned well they didn't call at all and "just didn't leave a message" because you weren't there to have it delivered personally.

So, I now weigh a whopping 110.8 pounds.

I can hear that collective sigh of contempt mixed with hatred clear across the Internet here. "One-hundred ten pounds??? Are you insane??? I WISH I weighed 110 pounds!"

But, you don't see my plight. Oh, yeah, I have one. Listen...

...I lost about 15 pounds here in the past year. Of course it comes straight off the boobs...but even without that bit of "too much info" - a person who is tiny to start with doesn't have a lot of room to lose weight. When I got down to about 107 I started to worry...when I got down to 105 I started to freak.

When you weigh a bunch, losing a pound or two or five or ten doesn't necessarily cause a sense of panic... I'm sure it's more like a feeling of elation. When you weigh 107 or 105 you wonder "Just how much more weight CAN I lose before I really have to worry about it?"

So, when I stepped on the scale just now and saw I was almost...almost 111...I felt really good.

You see I've never had to exercise. Never had to jazzercise, never had to aerobocise, yogacise or Tae-Bocise. In fact the only "cise" I do where I think I'm any good at...is criticize.

That I do extremely well. And you can lose a lot of weight doing it...especially if you "worrycise" at the same time.

Mostly I'm critical of my own self...but when I, as a wannabe writer, get a whiff of another "writer's" work, especially when I could have possibly done that work and done that work a LOT better (or at least "quite a bit" better) - I go into criticize mode.

Anyone who fancies themselves a writer knows exactly what I mean. You never read a news article as "just a news article" - you read it as a news article with an inordinate amount of grammatical mistakes. You read all comments below these articles and inwardly complain to yourself, "People who really want to be taken seriously should at LEAST know how to SPELL correctly!" You peruse the book aisles in any massive book store and continually balk and roll your eyes and say extremely naughty words under your breath. You can't conceive of anyone actually making money on something you'd have been embarrassed to show your own mother when you were in third grade...but there they all are, as bright as day. Or day to any vampire who could attest to it in any of those 20,092 books they're selling there that has a vampire as a protagonist or an antagonist or a misogynist. All I know -- is the gist of it...is nearly pure crap...as I could surely do better...

...you know, if I actually tried...or knew someone...or lowered my standards enough.

So, after all my criticism is eventually vented out and all is said and done and I finally drift off to la-la-land in my Ambien-induced coma...I'm hoping the only thing I don't lower, other than my perceived high and mighty literary standards...

...is my weight.

And, I do believe in fairies...I do believe...just like I do believe I'll be a real writer one day.

(Thanks again to my friend, Phil, for planting that "cise" seed in my brain and egging me on to write this after listening to me vent...for the umpteen-millionth time.)


  1. Teena is right- you are a great writer!

    Oh, and I don't believe in fairies, or sparkly vampires. But I do believe in goblins.

  2. You are an excellent writer. I'm in awe of your talent. Really! I don't believe in a lot, but your writing abilities are something that do not require a leap of faith!

  3. Thank you Michael and Linda...and Teena. :)

    It always makes me feel good when someone makes a comment (good or bad) and I'm up to a whopping 60 followers even tho everyone else who blogs has like a million plus two...but I'm hopeful. :)

  4. love it Mariann!! And congrats on your weight gain--and the offer still stands to take a couple of pounds from me (oh hell, why not take 20??) :)

  5. Do I get RA points for this? Oh wait, your humour site is dead. In the great words of Roseanne Roseannadanna, "nevermind".

  6. It was "Emily Latella", dumbass. :P

    ROFL Yeah, I had to...but hey, you started it.

  7. Take another guess15 April, 2011 06:27

    Ah, you fail to see the irony. To explain...you've gotten a little chunky so I wanted you to have some "criticize".

  8. Uh huh - good one...but I don't buy it. ;)

  9. I've had LUNCHES that weigh 110 pounds.

    Just sayin.

    And quit whining about your followers. If you don't get out there visiting a ton of other blogs, how are they supposed to know you exist?

  10. Not whining about weighing so much as not weighing what I used to. I kinda look like a stick figure now.

    And I tell everyone at Facebook about a zillion times - the least they could do is go and look, dammit. I am whining more about that than anything else as I know I'm bad about visiting other blogs - I have a handful I go to routinely...but I don't make the rounds as much as others do I'm sure.

  11. Not whining about weighing so much as not weighing what I used to. I kinda look like a stick figure now.

    And I tell everyone at Facebook about a zillion times - the least they could do is go and look, dammit. I am whining more about that than anything else as I know I'm bad about visiting other blogs - I have a handful I go to routinely...but I don't make the rounds as much as others do I'm sure.

  12. Mariann, you're no wannabe writer, you're a writer writer. I'm not sure how you're defining "official writer" in your head, but I'm a professional writer and I'm telling you that you're as good or better than 90 percent of the writers I worked with when I was an editor.

    Gain some weight, gain some confidence, and keep plugging away at it.

    Your fan,

  13. And just how is it that you don't consider yourself a "real" writer? If it's something to do with income, forget it. That's meaningless. Van Gogh was certainly a "real" painter, despite not receiving as much money as he might have while he was in his prime. Writers who were poor or completely unpublished include such worthies as Verlaine, Rimbaud, and John Kennedy Toole.

    You put words to paper (more or less) and you do it well. I'd say you're better at it than 99% of the folks on the internet who fancy themselves writers (and that's a conservative estimate.)

    So, none of this "real" writer rubbish!

  14. Geez, Mary, did you join the CIA
    Anyway, they say posting one's link is bad form. So just excuse me, whydon'tcha?

    and post a comment and become a follower!



  15. Hey! This is Matlock!!!! I was NOT anonymous!!!!!!


  16. I'm Andy Taylor!