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15 October 2010

A Great Photo Op...or a Photo Oops?

Just how much does it cost for a night on the town?

Well, not just any night on the town...a hypothetical night on the town as seen through the eyes of someone (me) who doesn't typically see things the way others do...but perhaps a few of you out there have been wondering the same as me. It IS, after all, inevitable.

A little set-up of sorts first:

1. I am old.

2. I love Monty Python.

3. I tend to think outside the box, i.e., not "normally".

4. I'm cynical and sarcastic and sometimes, with the right combination of legal substances, I also am given to flights of fancy that (at least to myself) I am somewhat witty.

Now the gist of what this is about:

Take anyone who reads the online version of their local community paper and give them...oh...a half hour or so...just perusing the site and reading things and looking around. You know -- the normal things.

Normally, this "normal" person will read a few articles, perhaps comment on a few things, perhaps agree with some content and disagree with one thing or another.

But not me.

I've been waiting and waiting for the inevitable. Some might say "Waiting for the other shoe to drop." Others might prefer "Waiting for the $#!^a to hit the fan." Me? Eh...I'm an observer. I'm just waiting around for the lawsuits.

Included in the Gannett online sites are photos of people taken around town...usually at night, and usually these people are in direct proximity to alcoholic beverages.

It has been my experience that alcohol, in small quantities, gives one a slight euphoric feeling; pleasant and a tad giddy. Alcohol in moderate quantities gives you a "devil may care" type of attitude. It's not quite cockiness but it's past the part where some innocent inhibitions start rearing their ugly heads. This is usually where ideas of "singing Karaoke" and shouting "I love you, man!" to everyone at the bar become a really good idea.

Then there is alcohol in more than moderate quantities...but before you get to the spinning, vomiting, and passing out part. Therein lies the "I am immortal" stage. Nothing can hurt you - you are immune. You don't care what you do and what others do and what others see you do.

Enter someone with a camera or cell phone.

And enter you...or more importantly, you with someone who just might not be who you've been routinely photographed with at family gatherings. Someone who you just might not want to bring over to meet Mom. And certainly not someone you'd like to introduce to your Mother-in-law.

Get what I'm saying yet?
For those of you out there who like to be forewarned...there's a naked butt in this video. Twice, I think.

The Monty Python "Blackmail" skit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SDAFrW_vNNQ

"Aha! Right?" Now you see what my little brain thinks when given things to think about...like how expensive a night on the town might actually be for some people.

Again, for those of you out there who like to be forewarned...ANYONE with a Gannett account can post those photos of you at the local hotspot...possibly getting all hot and heavy with someone you just might not want...in the picture...at all.

Suddenly your local community has gotten a whole lot smaller and much more intimate.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

Oh...and smile! You'll look good in the online paper...and in that stack of papers your spouse's attorney has in court.


  1. Saw your comment on FT. Yep, some places you need a scorecard to figure out "Who's" subsituting "What" for "I Don't Know" in the rotation

    Pictures, Bar, Slightly Tipsy, Gannett Publications, Worse yet Gannet Gossips

    scares me to think about it.

    You didn't, I hope.............

  2. ha, funny stuff, gotta love monty python

  3. I often wonder about the same sort of stuff. Being in public gives you no right to expect privacy, I suppose, but still it makes one leery.

  4. Christopher - yep - gotta love them. But each time I look online and see those photos I think of the "Blackmail" skit. You know if it hasn't happened already - some time some paper someone's going to get a rude awakening after telling their spouse they were over a friend's house just "hanging out".

    Sully - Personally, I would be after the people who duck and cover when I brandish my camera. Those are the ones who would probably pay the most. ;)

  5. any excuse to post a MP skit ;)

  6. You raise some good points here, Mariann, including that alcohol and photo ops don't always mix very well, and that you love Monty Python (good for you!), you think outside the box, you can be cynical and sarcastic and given to flights of fancy that end in wit. But you're not old. You look great, and you think young, kid.

  7. Mike - the worst I've ever done with alcohol consumption was hug a Rice Krispies box.

    Yeah...no one's gonna catch me off guard drunk off my ass at some bar...because I'm too busy sitting at home. :(