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08 May 2010

If I Can Have Your Attention, Please...A Toast to..."Young Boozer"

Niftiest name ever for a candidate?

I'm sorry - I'd vote for this guy regardless of which office he's running for. I don't even need to hear his platform - his name is AWESOME!

At least he seems to have a sense of humour as he's poking fun of his name as well at his

If they would ever allow me to come up with campaign slogans...I'd enlist a few of my players on my
interactive comedy website ("yes, I have one" - and "why haven't you played already?")...and, in a few years, this guy would be President!

I challenge you all to come up with actual candidates over the years...with a name better than this.

Good luck.


  1. A couple years ago, we had a candidate in my neck of the woods named Russ Blewitt.

    Not exactly confidence-inspiring. "What happened to the economy?"

    "Russ Blewitt."

  2. Oh, I forget the candidate that was running a few years ago around here with the same type of name...I can't think of it now...but yeah, it was like "What are you thinking running for office with THAT name?

  3. LOL better than Old Boozer

  4. Young Boozer? For reals? He's got my vote. Why? Because he's young and he's a boozer, and his lifestyle speaks to me, that's why. Young Boozer for President!

    I did know a sheriff once who caught thrown out of office because he kept hiring hookers to give him and his friends blowjobs on the golf course. His name: BJ. True story.

  5. Hey! This isn't part three of the sea monkey story! I've been gyped.

  6. Don't get yer panties in a wad - I just posted the final Sea Monkey blog. :)