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08 October 2009

The Ultimate Mythbusters Episode

Boy those guys from Mythbusters...always trying to outdo themselves with the explosions...and now this! Jamie and Adam sure have their work cut out for them tomorrow when they plan to launch a rocket into space, aim it at the moon, and...literally blow a portion of it to bits.

Now, I've seen them blow up a toilet, blow up a cement truck and even try to blow up a scuba tank inside a fake shark a la "Jaws". Heck, a pig carcass exploded once in a locked up Corvette - in a locked up storage unit in the summer heat...just because...well, it has something to do with decaying bodies...and, well, just go watch an episode of CSI if you want to find out the grisly dynamics behind it...but for now let's go back to the explosions.

This lunar event tomorrow has "Mythbusters" written all over it...and, unless they are in the background somewhere...Jamie and Adam are nowhere to be found. This time the culprits behind it -- are the people from NASA.

Yes...unless you've been locked inside a storage unit yourself, you probably have heard at least some mention of what those "crazy" rocket scientists at NASA plan to do. From what I've gathered, they intend to crash a rocket booster spacecraft doohickey (that's the technical terminology for it) into one of the craters Friday morning and hopefully the wafting debris cloud will ascertain once and for all if there is indeed water on the moon.

That's it.

Adam and Jamie would probably be sorely unimpressed.

There's not supposed to be any Star Wars-type death star explosions ensuing...not even any chunks of space debris hurtling to Earth in some Nostradamus predicted collision course fashion reminiscent of Bruce Willis in "Armageddon". Or...at least I hope not.

Call me crazy, but I just don't "get" the whole experiment...which supposedly can be viewed by amateur astronomers with their equally amateur telescopes (if you call 10-12 inch telescopes "amateurish") at about 7:31 a.m. ET, tomorrow. But if you don't feel like lugging your behemoth outside in your bathrobe thereby missing your morning coffee, shower or commute...you can watch it, live, here instead.

Now, whether they find water on the moon or not tomorrow probably isn't going to change the way we do anything...except maybe bemoan the fact they will probably spend another twenty million billion dollars and set to work (if they haven't already) to crash land another rocket on Mars to see if IT has water, too.

You know...I'm not too sure Carl Sagan would be that impressed either.

Here's another link which is "clearly" warranted for optimal astronomical viewing: Clear Sky Chart


  1. Wow. An updated blog, one day apart from the previous blog. If only there were as many updates on a certain humor website I know. If only...sigh.

  2. Well I'll be darned... they iz gonna shoot at the moon! Did ya hear that Pa? Whaaaaat? Whaaaat? No, I didn't nay nuttin' about our moonshine! Go back to bed, Pa! Geeez, them men folk and their one track minds.

  3. Ha! Is that anonymous writer up there Bucko?! LOL

  4. And if there's water in the moon . . . well, so the hell what?

  5. I am sure he's just a disgrunted player. :)

  6. Yes, I meant "disgrunted"...I have that exploding pig in my blog and all. :) I thought it was cute and punny.

  7. Oddly enough, I hadn't heard of NASA's plan to blow up the moon, so it must mean I live under a rock, LOL. Hopefully when they do so, I will be knocked out cold, and I will be pleased to miss watching this live, because I seriously don't see the point in doing so. It's nice to know where our tax money is going to!

  8. Oooh what if there IS water and it causes this celestial moon waterfall down to Earth... ooooh! Then what? Huh? Huh? Huh?

    Ok, maybe I need sleep. :/

    Hey, my 'word verification' word is SHAMPUMP. I like it. I'm gonna start using it daily. Shampump. :)

  9. my, this is just "slim pickens" if you ask me!! (sorry bout the pun)

    I too have been under a rock apparently cause I knew nothing of this...

    I have no idea what the logic of doing this is..but then it IS the government and no logic in government

  10. I think they are just testing out weaponry they dare not blow up on Earth until they figure out what happens.

    It's not like we are going to go there and start havesting water like on the spice planet in Dune...I mean, c'mon...how much money DID this cost anyway?

  11. Maybe they're searching for paranormal activity. Which reminds me of a story....

    Oh, and I are not Bucko. I are someone else that is apparently "disgrunted".

  12. Oh I meant to ask...was that liquid water they are looking for?

  13. An update on HMO! Sweeeeet! Oh sorry, false alarm...again. ugh.

  14. Curiousity? Who knows? Maybe someday we will have full-time bases on the moon, and will need water for them.