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07 October 2009

But were they banned in Boston???

I just was watching "The History Channel" and this commercial came on. I thought it was "bleeping" brilliant - but I'm figuring it won't last long on the airwaves in Alabama...along with the others (below it) which only aired less than a handful of times here:


Here are the others (which were hilariously funny in my opinion) which met their demise in a New York advertising minute:

All deserved much more airplay if you ask me...unfortunately, it seems, all the incredibly stupid ones go on and on and on...

(I apologize for not knowing how to imbed YouTube videos on Blogger.com...if anyone knows how - feel free to clue me in.)


  1. Man oh man, those were funny. But not as funny as the Hooters Hole. Oh wait, the Hooters Hole was filled in, but I could never know this because NO PIC WAS EVER POSTED!


  2. The Hooters' Hole now has an "after" photo! Woohooo! :)

  3. I LOVE those commercials! And you're right, they DO deserve more airplay! A funny commercial will be remembered, as well as their products, will be remembered longer than a boring commercial, which will be forgotten by the time the next commercial comes on.

  4. how funny!! I remember the 7-up commerical and I do remember thinking the pregnancy test one was going to be removed quickly-even tho it was very funny..

    my favorite that I had not seen was the A/B hole advert. Now, that was funnier than 7734

  5. Yes, I loved the "7-up yours" and the "A-hole" - I mean they didn't invent anything...they just used what they had and it was brilliant. The A-holes one had me laughing like a lunatic!