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08 November 2012

Walking in a Winter Wonderland...in Autumn

I went into Starbucks last Saturday and they already switched over to Christmas - or how they referred to them, "holiday", bags. It's like um - waaaay before Thanksgiving. No, I won't bore you with a tirade about how it was when I was a kid and they didn't stick Christmas stuff up until the day after Thanksgiving.

But, I'm thinking...isn't it about time to capitalize on the 21 Dec 12 thing? I mean, that comes before Christmas. Where's my "Doomsday"-themed Starbucks bag? How come I don't see any Doomsday decorations up -- but they put up Christmas ones? That's a bit presumptuous of them, isn't it?
My "holiday" bag from Starbucks.  The other side has a snowman.  I guess you could say these are "winter-themed" but I clearly heard the Starbucks person use the word "holiday".  I doubt they meant Thanksgiving - but it wouldn't be the first time I've been wrong.



  1. Thanks! As always, you're the best!

  2. Thank you, Jim...but I'm pretty sure you're the best. :)

    My next one will be longer, I promise.

  3. They could draw doomsday appropriate clothes and accessories for the snowmen. That would kill two birds with one stone - totally appropriate for a doomsday theme, right? ;-)

  4. Yes, killing birds is probably very appropriate for Doomsday. ;)

  5. I also thought...isn't this bag the perfect "wrapping" paper/gift bag...for when you want to get rid of that lousy Kindle you bought thinking you'd like it? Seriously, they could make a mint teaming up with the Kindle people with this bag. It's ideas like this that would make me a gazillionaire if only someone listened. ;)

  6. I swear they put out Christmas decorations earlier and earlier every year. It's crazy!