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24 December 2007

"Right" Down Your Alley

I was walking into a building today and something I've always wondered dawned on me yet again: "Do people in England naturally gravitate to the left?" I noticed that here, in the States, we tend to enter buildings, walk thru confined areas, wait in lines, etc., the 'right way', so to speak.

Now, I am not certain, but there probably has been a two-million dollar study on this, along with which eye people generally poke when they leave the umbrella from the fancy drink in their glasses. In fact, there are probably a plethora of right/left studies which have been done and tons more waiting to be done (and why that line forms to the right) in the wings.

Were there more ambidextrous people in England when stick shifts were the norm? Has it been dwindling off at the same rate automatic transmissions gained popularity?

Right eye/left eye dominance - such as looking thru a camera, telescope or aiming a gun...anything to do with being a Brit vs an American?

And those stars on our flag...would they have been on the right side had the Americans not won that Revolution? And why are they on the left instead this time? Okay, maybe a tad bit extreme there...but then again...keep your right eye open for a study about it in the future. Unless of course...you live in England.


  1. Merry Christmas Mariann!

  2. Merry Christmas to you and everyone out there who celebrates Christmas. Also, have a Super New Year! :)


  3. Happy New Year, Mariann!

  4. All I know is what I've heard, and what I've heard is that driving on the left started in the middle ages when rival knights would pass each other on the left in order that they could better grapple with each other with swords and lances held in their right hand. So the irony is that all that English left-handedness was derived from right-hand dominance. I'm guessing the English are as right-hand dominant as any other population.

    Isn't it customary when you respond to a blog to actually respond to the subject being blogged about? You might mention this to that lazy-ass redoubt person. And now I believe it is appropriate for the following...

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! You sexy, sexy lady.