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06 November 2006

The Theory is Relative

E = mc² oh sure, we've all seen it before...Einstein's Energy = Mass x speed of light in vacuum² ...but I am suggesting another equation for it...Education = Mass x Collaboration² . Face it...if you have enough people en masse grouping together and applying what they know to education and to educating others...that's some pretty powerful stuff going on there...and not just for destruction...but for creating...for creating a lasting love of science...or whatever else you happen to be teaching.

And that's just what happened Saturday at the University of West Alabama in Livingston at the Science Olympiad competition for students in the 3rd-6th grades. What? You didn't even hear about it? Well, I'm here to tell you that is definitely a shame...as Bill Nye would put it..."Science rules!" And these kids ruled! They should ALL be commended for undertaking such a task...on a Saturday of all days...forgoing their day to sleep in, their soccer games, their sleepovers...for a cause...a cause that literally went unreported. Oh, sure...ABC news out of East Mississippi/West Alabama reported this...but I think it should have gotten more notoriety than that...and not just because my daughter participated (and won first place in all three of her events...hey, I can brag, she's my kid, after all) - but because there are so many children out there who are doing something positive in their schools who never get mentioned...who go unnoticed in their community...unless they do something bad. That is just not right...it's extremely prejudiced in a society that prides itself on trying not to be.

I'll be completely honest here...I didn't know there were any of these competitions until my daughter started participating two years ago. And that is sad. Personally I think there should be many more schools getting their students involved in these competitions...and many more news stories reporting about them. It's not just about winning...altho, yes, it's always nice when you do...but it is about getting kids involved in something they ordinarily wouldn't. As my online friend just stated to me a couple minutes ago about a school competition where he lives in California..."It's done with kids at all grade point levels...which means the coaching is all important". The key here is to instill in children that they CAN have fun at these events...and they can learn something from it...which is an all important key: If you make learning fun...you learn without it being tedious. And we, as parents, educators, and adults...owe it to children, be it ours, or someone else's...to inspire them to keep plugging away at it and someone will take notice.

Well...I noticed this past Saturday, for what it's worth...and I would like to sing the praises of all those involved...especially those at the University of West Alabama's campus (which hosted this event)...and the people at Alabama Power (who helped sponsor the event)...and of course the individual school coaches and young adult volunteers...but MOST of all...the children who wholeheartedly delved into this with such positive attitude and gave up many, many hours of their free time for the chance to become involved in something very worthwhile which hopefully they can remember all their lives. Would a little memento such as a newspaper clipping with their names in it be too much to ask for? I certainly don't think so...I think they are definitely worth it...they are OUR future, and that's extremely relative.

(I will try to get all the names and post them here at a later date.)

As promised...and graciously supplied by the University of West Alabama's Science Olympiad coordinator, Ms. Ketia Shumaker...who, with her team, did an exemplary job hosting this past Saturday...I give you the names of the students who participated (in no particular order) and their coaches/volunteers:

Linden Elementary School (Linden, AL) 2 teams

Aiyana McCaskey
Kyana Reese
Willisia Bruno
Alaiya Taylor
Anthony Poellnitz
Christien Rogers
Sapphire McCaa
Diamond McCaa
Shana McCorvey
Jeanneatta Taft
Diamond Miller
Jasmine Taylor
Akeyah Little
Anthony Aldridge
Willie Hudson
Tierra Jacobs
Quinesha Smith
Senteraca Brown
Velma Harris
Martes Wheeler
Kathelin Bishop
Tamara Tucker
Tajiona Monroe
Alexis Johnson
Kennedy Sewell
Jacori Gray
DeQuinton Bell
George Dial
Eddie Parker

St. Bede Catholic School Blue Team (Montgomery, AL)

Broghan Freeland
Mary Frances Miles
Matthew Neo
Tara Bourke
Ann Marie Dean
James Sherman
Chad DuBois
Paige Barranco
Lindsay Guin
Stone Miller
Tiffany Camacho
Jordan Heymann
Alex Castanza

St. Bede Catholic School Gold Team (Montgomery, AL)

Marisa Pickard
Kristina Vanella
Giselle Simms
Connor Preston
Sean Federspill
Andrew Roberts
Will Littleton
Michael Moussalli
Geoffrey Myers
Zach Hulcher
Ashley Kim
Ryan Norris
Jacob Hulcher

US Jones Elementary School (Demopolis, AL)

4th Grade-U.S. Jones

Jeremy Chu
Meredith Hill
Bailey Petrey
Nicole Martin
Wallace Tutt
Tripp Perry
Caleb Washington
Nick Tyson
Kathlene Saliba
Jervarkis Hurns
Andy Tarpley
Taylor Cooper

5th Grade U.S. Jones

Makaila Eicher
Riley King
Michael Brooker
Stephen Stewart
Heath Stanford
Jess Harwell
Sam Yeager
LaKendra Bruno
Brantley Kilgore
Wesley Dunn
Chase Compton
Josh Tyson

5th Grade Team B- U.S. Jones

William Tutt
Chandler Stuedeman
Grabbie Lay
Branden Spiller
Zoie McPherson
LaTimberly Washington
Jordan Williams
Kathleen Jackson
Rachel England
Charlie Parten
Morgan Godwin
Madelyn Couch

3rd, 4th & 5th Grade U.S. Jones

Cal Logan
Will Webb
Rachel Smith
Amanda Martinez
Jennifer Belcher
Megan Akins
Jessica Adams
Troy Pontilas
Alston Dinning
Mikala Thornton
Trent Crepps

Livingston Elementary (Livingston, AL)

Team 1: Livingston Tornadoes

Daja Hale
Ashley Willingham
Richard Jones
Latera Hodge
Mantricia Densmore
Anfrenee Rencher

Team 2: Twirling Tornadoes

Keiavis Mitchell
Drayton Foy
Jeremy Hines
Scoteesha James
Anfrenee Rencher
Eryson Crockett
Tamara Pickett

West Alabama Preparatory School (Demopolis, AL)

Caitlin Andrews
Carolyne Baker
Allen Campbell
Melanie Campbell
Kimberly Campbell
Drake Holtzclaw
Noah Long
Spencer Martin
Seth Strable
Nick Vann
Allen Walker
Susan Walker
Cassie Warren
Garret Edwards


Livingston Elementary

Jacqueline Hill
Aubrey D. McElroy
Tywannia Spencer
Ollie H. James
Angela Dubose

US Jones Elementary

Mary Stuedeman
Mrs. Mackey
Stephanie Polk

Linden Elementary Teachers

Angie Scales
Deborah Boykin
Sara Blackmon
Shirley Johnson

Linden Elementary High School Student Coaches

Quantarryia Harris
Miltesha Anthony
Quentin Thomas
Samantha Jones
Brittany Bright
Renae Jones

St. Bede Catholic School

Nick Bourke
Melanie Grayson
Larry Meiers

West Alabama Preparatory School Coach

Roger Campbell

Again, I would like this opportunity to congratulate each and every one of these people on a job well done...you are to be commended. Give yourselves a well-deserved round of applause...you certainly earned it.

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