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09 September 2009

"Hooters' Hole" Update

If the above title makes you go "hmmmm" and you haven't a clue what I'm talking about, please read my initial "Hooters' Hole" blog first: http://mariannsimms.blogspot.com/2009/08/hooters-hole.html

I had written a blog on August 16th about the ever-expanding Hooters' Hole and, taking the advice of a couple people who suggested it, I emailed the blog to the Mayor of Montgomery (and someone in the "Montgomery Road Department" as well).

Well, lo and behold, I'm driving by today and I notice the hole has been fixed! I would, naturally, like to take full credit for this - so if you know otherwise...please keep it to yourself. I feel...as my friend said...like such a public advocate now. :)

By the way...it's not THE best job in the world fixing it - but it has been patched...the part which was swallowing up the public road at least. I'm sure that's all the city is allowed to fix...it certainly is an improvement, that's for certain.

Chalk one up for good old-fashioned motivation and intervention...maybe ONE person can tackle the "big guys" and do something after all.


Ta-da! The long-awaited "after" photo:


  1. Who says you can't fight redneck city hall?

  2. Nice. Now you can fix global warming quickly ;)

  3. Hot damn!!! Good going Mariann

  4. Is your definition of "tomorrow" different than the rest of the world? Tomorrow is today and there is no updated pic! Oh, and boobies!

  5. Yes, it is. I had to go to the ER again because of Macrobid. It's making my whole entire leg sore now. This is NOT fun. Now it's in my groin, too.

  6. Oh, sorry to hear that. You try to get better and this time I won't mention boobies. Oh dear.

  7. Looks like the city/county/dumbass roadcrew needs lessons in actually fixing holes. Their remedy is effin pathetic, and you can tell them I said so. In fact, send me their email address and I will tell them myself. Of course I will redirect them to your site as reference. The bad news is they will see your pic, but the good news is you will get more readers!

  8. Yes, it is a very bad job. You'd figure they could have at least tossed some dirt in there - but there's this ugly drainpipe and also a runoff water grate that are in there (bad planning all around) which you can't see from that photo...so they probably couldn't just cover them up with dirt. But there could have been something better they did than just what they did.

    As far as their address it can be found here: http://www.montgomeryal.gov/index.aspx?page=4 - not sure which entity you wanted to specifically write to...but feel free to write away. I wrote the mayor's office and the road department initially regarding the hole...so they should have some recollection of it (I would hope).

  9. Recollection? To recall. Yes! Maybe they could do a recall of the hole, and then start over. Otherwise, I will start a grassroots campaign to get all the bums/drunkards/ne'er-do-well's to go to the hole and fill it...shall we say...naturally! Plus, there will be no need for TP because they can wipe their hineys on the grass...like doggies.

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