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10 May 2009

Ring Around The Toe-sy...

I've been wanting to do a blogumn about this for a while...but hadn't decided on an angle...thinking perhaps I just ought'n not do it (yes...I put that in specifically as an "in-joke" for one person...so there, I did it) - so, therefore, that means I will. This same person figures I'm being too much like the female version of Andy Rooney with my opinions lately...probably just because I'm getting old and curmudgeonly...but, what the heck...I'll run with it - or at least trot a little...

Just what IS it with toe and thumb rings lately? They look awfully silly and quite uncomfortable to boot. In fact...if you were wearing a toe ring AND a boot...I bet it would be all the more uncomfortable.

I remember, back in the 1960's - toe rings and thumb rings started to be quite the sensation...but they also had the Indian-inspired toe-ring "attached anklet" which made it look like much more of a fashionable accessory than the simple "got my toe caught in the gasket of my tub's faucet and I decided I'd run with it" kinda thing. In fact, if I'm not mistaken - this toe-anklet chain was quite akin to the middle finger-bracelet chain...which also had that whole "Hindu-inspired, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Beatles, George Harrison-influenced, Ravi Shankar, sitar-playing, patchouli incense burning" era thing going on - which, I, as a child growing up in New Jersey...would see first-hand because we frequently made near-monthly Hippie-watching pilgrimages to New Hope, Pennsylvania - way back then when these things...and Twiggy...were, literally...in vogue.

Now...I was too young to don toe rings or toe ring-anklet chains back then - but I remember them clearly as I have an older sister...who really isn't that much older than me...but always acted much older than she really was. That not being here nor there...I remember certain things distinctly...and this was one of them.

Then the 60's made way for the 70s and they, in turn, brought in the 80's and MTV and Dynasty and no one on prime-time television back then would be caught dead wearing anything less than shoulder pads and attitude. The 1990s came and fashion went out and it still really hasn't returned if you ask me...but...toe rings and thumb rings are now back...and I've just got to ask everyone...


And the thumb rings I've seen aren't particularly attractive...they typically look like those bird-banding rings they tag onto birds in the wild to track them...plus they look about as comfortable. They aren't ornate...and simply look completely out of place on most people...but I have to keep coming back to the Indian/Hindu culture as to why there's a resurgence with them. Certainly most people aren't archers who wear them (oh, yeah...I did some research here on thumb rings)...and as far as I can tell archers really aren't on the fashion forefront...so I'm going to blame it on Bollywood.

So, my theory is that back in the 60s - Hindu influence was everywhere...and these toe and thumb rings cropped up. Of course, most of the people who are wearing these today weren't even around back then to remember any of this - fortunately there are old people like me to remember. And recently, especially with the success of "Slumdog Millionaire", Bollywood films have taken everyone by storm...thus we're thrust back into the whole concept where everything old is new again...and, like those circular toe and thumb rings...they came around again.

But, unfortunately, most people can't pull this look off...and seriously...most thumb and toe rings I've seen on people...look like they couldn't pull them off either - at least not without some pain and soap or butter involved.


  1. I do wear thumb rings on both thumbs (on right hand 2 thin silver "wedding" types and on left hand a beautiful "wave" ring) have never been able to wear a toe ring (have tried) and on the subject of capris..that means I would have to shave my legs everyday!! LOL

  2. Toe rings fall off me. I must have freak toes or something. :(

    Thumb rings drive me insane and then I find it hard to bend my thumb, which then drives me more insane.

    I do like those ones with the chainy thingie that hooks onto the bracelet... those are purdy. I don't own any, mind you, but they are quite stylish.

    Nice blog Mariann.
    Two thumbs (without rings on) up!

    1. Hi Brenda. U do get toe rings which are adjustable. U could perhaps try those

  3. Pigeon tags. Great analogy. I'm not a foot guy, so the whole toe ring thing strikes me as kinda weird. Ankle chains are cool, though.

  4. I guess I wouldn't have a problem if the ones I've seen were on much younger women...and typically the ones I've seen also look like they are lodged on there - producing that "sausage effect", cutting off their blood circulation, never to come off without the intervention of some hospital bone saw. (I purposely chose photos, btw, which did NOT show what I'm speaking about...so it didn't look like I was extremely biased.)

    I do, I must say, think the toe-chain-anklet and the ring-chain-bracelet thingies look pretty and exotic. Those I could see wearing if I looked good in them. I have very tiny feet and also very tiny hands - maybe it would look a bit silly on me.

  5. I agree with the others...the ring-to-wrist and toe-to-ankle things are really pretty. But when and where would you wear them. I can't imagine doing the laundry or the dishes with them. I don't even think I could wear them to Chili's. Maybe I'm a hick. Great blog!

  6. so cute lovely sexy hot legs in last pic yuummyyyyyyy

  7. None of these are photos of my parts...you could probably find out whose they are by Googling "toe rings", tho. ;)

  8. I have a foot fetish. I do like seeing toe rings and... I don't know WHY I like it. I just do. Just like most guys like, and pardon me for saying this, breasts. It's just something that I like. I am a perfectly normal person. I don't like a person just because of their feet. I have a girlfriend, and I did not do it because she had cute feet. But because I like her. I personally think that girls putting on those SUPER tight ones not as "sexy" but stupid. Functionality before fashion. And working toes are better than pretty toes.

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