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09 October 2007

"Pause" to Think...

Well, I haven't been having the best month and some here...let's just say perimenopause doesn't have its moments. Between one ER visit, at least three gyno visits a couple doctor visits and one visit to Pri-Med, I am ready to succumb to the wishes of those with greater womanly knowledge than I possess to yank out of me whatever it takes to get this all to stop. When your blood levels drop to the point where they are talking about doing "transfusions"...well, let's just say something needs to be done and be done quickly. I've always been tethered to the "anemic" bungee jump rope (you could call it), bouncing up and down, but my cord's apparently snapped and I'm plummeting head-first down onto the "inflated black abyss" and I'm not sure what'll happens next. Yes, I am in the "scary zone" in pre-menopauseland and I want no more part of this. I don't want to be strapped on any more of these rides, thank you. Furthermore I'd like to see this part of the park closed down for good. I'd like to believe that hanging out at "you CAN leave your houseland" and "maybe I WILL go away for a weekend" can and will turn from being a "funhouse" nightmare into an actual pleasant experience. I'm ready for that change...I relish that change.

So, all those reading out there, please send me your best thoughts, your prayers, your good vibes...whatever you send, just as long as they are good. I'd sincerely appreciate them all...and will definitely need them for my gynecological visit tomorrow.

Mariann aka Tiny Litte Scaredy Cat


  1. Unfortunately, your plumbing has an end-of-warranty clause… called menopause. Even though I am male and my half-century old equipment still (almost) works, I do have some basic understanding of the situation. (For further reference, please contact Ex #1, Ex #2 and current domestic partner.) That being said, about all I can really offer is what you mentioned… best thoughts, prayers, and good vibes… in abundance :)

    Take care of yourself Mariann…


  2. Mariann (Ursula),
    Keep up your optimism, your joi d’vivre is one of your most-beautiful traits. At some point in time, it has elevated each and every one of your army of online friends. It makes you even more beautiful in our eyes than that picture that you’ve been pawning off as ‘current’ since ’99.
    I know that you are going through scary times. Know that you have a huge support structure of people that have gotten to know you over the years and sincerely care about your health and love you for more than your awesome humor and off-the-hizzy website. I’ll pray for you each night until you tell us that all of this scary crap is behind you.
    Have faith and stay positive,
    Love Scott (Dom)

  3. Mariann - in my 20's I faced some of the same things - knowing ahead of time I would have problems I had already had two children. After "it" was gone.... I was a "new woman" - making plans for the weekend - sure, why not. Twenty years later I still appreciate the "pros"

    - Never look back!