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08 August 2007

Water ya gonna do?

And from the "Things That Make You Go 'Hmmmmmm'" corner of the world...

There's a public service announcement that is running now on Alabama television that really makes me want to give them a call and point out the "Did you guys really think this out thoroughly first?" factor.

It's an anti-drinking-and-boating campaign (put out by the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources) - which is all well and fine - I can totally understand that concept. But at the end of the spot, the "Marine Trooper" guy in uniform says "Last year drunk boaters caused nearly 1/3 of all fatalities on the water." So I'm thinking "well, that means that a little over 2/3 of the non-drinkers were responsible for the others...so, by that logic, being on a boat with a drunk guy is better odds".

Somehow I don't think that's the point they were trying to drive home. Hmmmm...

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  1. And the fact that you are on the water with the 2/3 of the people (only rich enough to buy the biggest boats and never take a pilotage or operating course) if you are sober or inebriated makes you 3/16 more likely to be involved in a distress situation, and if "imbibing", you will be at fault. They call this the "rules of the road".

    I was actually patrolling the St. Clair River a few weeks back in out 40' cutter and got flagged down by a 40 foot sailboat (very very nice), when we arrived he simply wanted to know how to get into the marina so as to avoid the bottom, no charts, no idea how to read a marker buoy that means "HAZARD". I educated but would have prefered to throw him in the drink and say, "find your way!" But I digress