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10 September 2006

A Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On

Will someone please tell Hollywood they can stop already with the "shaky-camera technique"...I tuned in to watch this (probably) horribly bogus show on Sci-Fi Channel tonite...altho I completely forgot about it, and only caught the last 20 minutes. It was this film with Lance Henriksen (of Aliens and MillenniuM fame) - something about Sasquatch. Then I changed the channel to this movie called "Primer"...granted it was made in 2004...but it is replete with the "shaking"...every single frame.

Anyway, not only did they (the Sasquatch film) have the annoying "must be your first day with the studio camera" thing going on...they also had this eye-strain-inducing severe colour contrast thing happening...where it was totally too intense in the white/black realm to watch comfortably. Hopefully this will not be a mainstream manifestation...and this begs the question..."what is next"...perhaps that horizontal hold from the past brought back?

"And, no...I won't attempt to adjust my picture...I'll just change the channel...like I did watching Sci-Fi tonight."


  1. I used to love watching old Star Trek… Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea... or even Lost in Space on TV. They did the camera shaky thingee every time there was a crisis. At the same time, actors would through themselves across the soundstage to imitate the disaster. It had to be painful.

    Oh, and then there were the showers of sparks that looked like a roman candle that went with the quivering cam…

    “Danger Will Robinson!”

  2. "At the same time, actors would through themselves across the soundstage to imitate the disaster."

    Okay, make that 'throw' and not "through".

    Too late for coffee so I'm going for a wine spritzer...

  3. Hate to tell you this.... (OK, I'm going to enjoy it) I saw part of that movie, and the camera was perfectly steady. I think the problem is in your brain somewhere. Yes, that seems very likely.

  4. So, technically, you are saying that the only films I should watch are the Blair Witch Project and others with that shaky thing going on so it will seem steady?

    And please, please...stop that eye of yours from blinking. It's driving me completely insane! ;)