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30 August 2006

Goodbye My "Baby"

Well, I was going to write something yesterday...but someone ran over and killed my cat...he was also dragged about 20-30 feet. Now, we live in a very nice development that doesn't have a lot of traffic...has a road with barely a two-car width...and also has 25 mph posted speed limit signs. But, unfortunately, save for a few people, no one pays much attention to it...I can't begin to tell you how many times I've reported the Wetumpka school bus driver, who I've clocked from my car behind, going faster than 45 down this narrow curving wisp of a road. Just imagine him trying to swerve out of someone's way at that speed with no shoulder and with the "Montgomery overlook" drop-off up fast approaching around the bend. Good luck, especially not wearing any seatbelts...I don't want to see what you or your passengers look like when they finally manage to winch your car/bus from 80 or so feet below.

Anyway...cats aren't stupid - they don't usually go dashing across the street when a car comes...my cat was only two-years-old...a gorgeous Lynx-Point Siamese (named Balthazar...but we called him "Baby")...so I wanted to take this opportunity here in my blog to say "thanks" to the person who apparently couldn't avoid hitting (and subsequently dragging) my cat at about 10:00 yesterday morning in broad daylight with excellent road conditions and equally favourable visibility...and of course I am sure they were indeed following the 25 mph speed limit. Lastly, from the "point of impact"...it seems they did indeed have to swerve...nearly hitting our mailbox...to "avoid" him.


  1. May the person responsible:

    -Suffer the smite to their karma that they deserve.
    -Have their transmission implode and the engine throw every rod tomorrow. And then discover that their warranty expired today.
    -Drive over the edge and disappear into the Wetumpka Crater, never to be seen again except by Geraldo Rivera.

    Sigh. So sorry about "Baby".

    A mailbox can be replaced.

  2. Well, yes...I wasn't concerned about the mailbox at all...was just trying to emphasize my point that they really had to "go out of their way to hit my cat" as he was undoubtedly nearly completely off the road when he was hit.

    I do like your way of thinking about the fate they should now suffer.