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26 February 2014

Day 26: Naked and Lost

Two guys from long ago,

Once, many, many years ago, when I was maybe around 15 years-old (approximately 1976) my girlfriend and I met up with the both of you, hanging around by the bridge at Mirror Lake.  After partaking of some "illegal green stuff" which isn't as illegal now as it was then, you might remember that we all decided to go skinny-dipping in the lake.

Naturally, you two guys...who were a few years older, but not wiser, were all for it...and stripped completely down as fast as you could and jumped on in -- figuring you were not only going to get a peek at our lithe naked bodies but probably would "get lucky" as well.
My friend and I, younger, but undoubtedly wiser...and with a bit of devilish streaks in us, grabbed your clothes and ran like mad with them.  We tossed them onto the side of the road up a ways and ran back to her house, laughing all the way, and crawled back through her bedroom window...pretending we never snuck out.  I am certain there was a fair amount of giggling that nite in her room and her parents probably knew what we were up to all along...but not all of it.

To this day I often wonder who you two guys were and how you ever got home, naked...and if you ever found those "lost" clothes of yours.

Consider this an open apology, two guys whose names I don't recall, I'm so sorry...but, I wished I would have seen your faces after it dawned on you that not all 15-year-old girls were "as easy" as all that.

So sorry,

- Mariann

This story is completely true, and, yes, I do often wonder how they managed. I wonder it more often than they probably will ever know.

This is part of a month-long writing challenge at "We Work for Cheese" -- Day 26 (two more to go) -- today's prompt being "Naked and Lost".


  1. When I was about 17 I was camping at Loch Morlich in the north of Scotland with my college class. We were drunk in the middle of the night and someone suggested skinny dipping. Myself and my friend mike were the only two who did it and the girls stole our clothes. B******s ! We had to get back to the camp getting eaten alive by midges and clegs . Kenny :-)

  2. Well, it wasn't you. You woulda been really little. :) So, I guess it goes on a lot more than I thought then. At least that makes me feel better. :)

  3. Oh my. You were the little trouble-maker, now weren't you?

    Hee Hee.

  4. Those are the kinds of moments that stay with you for life. I'm sorry to say that it sounds like you had a much more exciting youth than I ever had, you rebel you.

  5. So you were a tease were you? A girl can get into trouble like that.

  6. Like KZ, your youth was much more adventurous than mine. I wonder if they still think about that night?

  7. What a great story, Mariann. :)

  8. That's pretty cold. I hope at least it was summer time and warm! LOL!

  9. I have officially put you on a pedestal and I will forever worship you!!! FOREVER!

  10. I love this story, Mariann! Way to go!

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