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25 July 2009

Oh, the Irony (Part II)

In my earlier, Part I "Irony" blogumn, I pointed out a couple things I thought were ironic...and, while they don't necessarily pertain to you personally, I'm sure we have all shared a bit of irony in our lives...so since I don't live anyone's life but my own, I'm sharing things I find ironic to me...hopefully you can relate somehow.

I am not versed in the classical arts. I never go to plays because I can't afford it and I don't want to go alone - I love museums, but I don't go as often as I could...but the other day I figured, "By golly I'm going to get 'culturefied'..." - the Montgomery Ballet was putting on their annual "Performance on the Green" aka "Ballet Under the Stars" free performance at the Blount Cultural Park. I've never seen a ballet altho when I was a child I wanted to be a ballerina - I would stand tippy-toed and dance around directly on the tips of my toes doing my versions of pliƩs and pas de duexs as only a free-spirited and uninhibited child without any dance training can. I loved the ballet - the tutus, the "en pointe" loveliness - the graceful lifts and the gallant "defying gravity" leaps - it was mesmerizing to me as a child and I still don't know why. I remember intently watching the goings-on regarding the Baryshnikov defection with as much fascination as I watched the moon landing. So, suffice it to say - when they mentioned the free ballet here in Montgomery, which I've never seen altho it's been a mainstay here 33 years prior; I jumped at the chance to see it.

Unfortunately, I did not know that both days' performances were not the same. Smart me...I didn't check online - I just "supposed" they would be - after all they do performances over and over and over - it's usually just a matter of timing and tickets. But, I ended up going on the second day - not saying the second day was worse...it was just put on by amateurs (albeit VERY talented amateurs) - and not the professionals as was the performance the day prior.

I also didn't know that my bothering to dress up a bit and put on a face would be a total waste of time as, such as the name implies, "Ballet UNDER the Stars" - is pretty much done in an informal setting...and that setting is pretty much dark.

While those things might seem a tiny bit ironic - the thing I found strangest was the fact that instead of looking AT the stage - I glanced upwards for a second and saw one of the best displays of a meteor I've ever witnessed. It lasted so long and the blazing crackle and pop of light as it streaked across our portion of sky had quite a few onlookers thinging it must have been an errant firework. From all sides you could hear the initial hushed whispers gradually growing louder talking about it - and as we were walking back to our van, the nice lady who offered to carry one of the chairs my daughter was burdened with, mentioned how incredibly great it (the meteor) was. Sure...we just saw two hours of beautiful ballet - but a bit of wayward space rock seemed to take center stage.

Who would have thought -- had I been there to watch the ballet on the first day - I wouldn't have seen the meteor...and had I really been watching the ballet on the second day...I wouldn't have seen the meteor. Irony, no?

Irony (Part III), tomorrow.


  1. I love those unexpected moments of delight; you can always see that ballet again but it's doubtful as to ever seeing a magical sight like that meteor. Kind of like a real life Clark Kent-moment you had there ;)

  2. Sorry, I'm still struggling with the anachronistic collision of the terms "culture" and "Montgomery, Alabama".

  3. Well, not to dismiss the ballet performance - but, yes, you are right - the meteor was the highlight of the nite. Ssssh...don't tell them. ;)

    Chris - you are indeed correct - BUT - if you think of culture as something that just sits around and grows bigger - like the culture you'd need for making cheese, perhaps...wait - that's a whole other analogy using "growing bigger" and "Alabama"...they usually run (ha - run) neck-to-neck with Mississippi for the most overweight state.

    Darn, you got me on this one, Chris. ;)

    But, in all fairness...they do have a very nice park here with the Shakespeare Theatre and art museum. And we do have a Montgomery Ballet...those three things alone in one small city (Montgomery isn't very large) is at least something. Oh...and Montgomery does have its very own zoo which is very, very nice. Not one of those crappy zoos where they turn the water hose on the three-legged cow just to amuse the patrons. ;)